Brody is more of a "typical" GSD.  He only feels comfortable with his owners, he is very leery of strangers, and all of his meetings with new people have to be on his terms.  As long as strangers keep their distance he could care less about them.  I used to get very emotional about this behavior and sometimes embarrassed.  But as time passes and I learn more about the breed and about people, I have learned....ultimately no matter what, I am responsible for my dog.  I am his advocate.  The vest has been wonderful for us.  I can take him almost anywhere with me without having to worry about people wanting to approach him and make him uncomfortable.  People don't even ask if they can pet him.  Before the vest, when people would ask if they could pet him and I would have to say "No" you can't....it was like they were offended, they would want to know "why not?"  Like I was some evil owner.  But it is not only for their safety, but more importantly, the safety of my dog.  I will do everything in my power to keep him with me, keep him happy and safe for the rest of his life.
I have hopes that this amazing vest does help people become more aware and respect that dogs are animals and they do need their space.  We have to be their voice so they don't have to use their teeth.
Thank You Two Bears!!

Mel and Brody

Black Hawk, CO



 I think our vest must be working because people don't seem to approach us these days. Now if we could just get people to keep their dogs leashed!

Patti and Chloe

Longmont, CO



People really pay attention when they see me walking Jasper sporting his vest. Cars stop at the crosswalk even before we are ready to cross. Pedestrians keep their distance, and usually just smile and nod.

Peggy and Jasper

Broomfield, CO



Just came back from walking, and was about to make a post on FB. We were not approached by anyone while out today - I would like to think it was because of the vest, but in all honesty it was because no one else was daft enough to be out walking in this weather.

Michelle and Harvey

Lafayette, CO